Friday, November 22, 2013

China Glaze, You're A Hoot.


I'm a fan of bar glitter. Not the really long and chunky bar glitter, but the smaller finer version. When all the 'fuzzy' or 'feather' glitters started popping up I instantly loved them. As soon as China Glaze's On The Horizon Collection was out I snapped up my favorites. I especially loved this one with its combo of Orange, Yellow, and Black glitters in a clear base. It's perfect for fall.

I layered one coat of You're A Hoot over Desert Sun. You can easily see all the different glitters over this base and that's exactly why I chose it. It's like pumpkin pie with sprinkles on top.

The formula on these feather effect glitters isn't the worst but you will definitely need to use the dabbing technique to get the glitter where you want it. Just brushing it on like regular lacquer will leave you with very uneven coverage; some areas will be too heavy and others too sparse. I started with a dollop of the glitter at the base of my nail and then spread it/dabbed it as needed. a few times I dipped back in the bottle to fill in some gaps. I also use my finger to lightly tap back any glitters poking off my free edge. Dry time was super quick. I decided to leave it without top coat and run with the texture effect.

Now, if you'll excuse me there's a slice of pumpkin pie waiting for me. :-)

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