Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bad Ass Polish, Chocolate Covered Cherry. (Merry Christmas!)

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Even if you don't celebrate I wish you a Merry Day! Today I am wearing a polish I set aside especially for today. My mom loves Chocolate Covered Cherries and every year I give her some for Christmas so it was fitting that I wear this polish today!

Chocolate Covered Cherry is very unique compared to other glitter polishes; it contains very fine glitter and it's a beautifully complex mix of maroon, bronze, pink, and purple in a clear base. The glitter is very dense and applies very smooth. I used 3 coats in the above photo with nothing underneath. As you can see my tips look a little bare so if that bothers you, you could always wear undies with this beauty. The suspension base keeps the glitter from settling and it's very easy to work with. Dry time was pretty quick too. It did dry to a matte finish and had some texture to it. I added a coat of Gelous & In A Hurry.

There's also a bit of a holographic appearance to the glitter; it's a dazzler! This came packaged in a round cardboard container with some cotton rounds to protect it; excellent packaging! I also have another polish of theirs that is similar to this called Dusk. I'm waiting for them to re-release Copper Waters. I am really impressed with their product and packaging.

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