Saturday, December 14, 2013

Barielle's Holiday Manicure Contest: My Entry!

Today I was feeling inspired to try my hand at Nail Art once again. This time I wanted to do something to enter into Barielle's Holiday Manicure Contest so all of the colors needed to be Barielle Shades  Luckily I have a ton of their Shades so I was all set.

I knew I wanted to do trees but then I thought of Cris at Let Them Have Polish and how she is all about Pinkmas. This got me thinking about all the different color themes people go with during the Holiday Season. There's the purple lover who goes with all different shades of purple. Then there is the quirky theme which always seems to use a bright chartreuse green. Last we have the retro silver tinsel tree decked out with decorations in a singular color (I went with red). I ran with it and this is what resulted.

I gotta say I am very happy how this came out; My best freehand nail art to date.

I started with a base of Green With Envy (a bright grass green creme; 3 coats) on my Index, Middle, and Pinky. Teaser (a jade green creme; 2 coats) on my Ring finger.

Index: Teaser (tree), Purple Hearts (purple glitter on the tree).

Middle: Pink Flip Flops (tree), Green With Envy (bright green dots), Pink Diamond (pink glitter dots), and Starry Sky (silver glitter dots).

Ring: Myrza's Meadow (tree); I especially love this light chartreuse green with holographic glitter.

Pinky: Starry Sky (tree); I was aiming for a silver tinsel look but it was hard to do with this. Big Apple Red (red dots); they smeared when I applied top coat. This was my least favorite nail. I should used a different base for the tree and gave the red dots more time to dry.

The stars are from a Wet n Wild polish I have called Hollywood Walk of Shame.

I created the triangle trees simply using masking tape. I applied 2 coats of In A Hurry top coat to finish it off.

I posted the above picture on the Barielle Facebook Page and if you like what I did please pop on over and give it a like! 

Who else has submitted a photo for the contest? Maybe now you are thinking of submitting one? Let me know so I can go check it out and Like it...

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