Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 5 of My 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Relogy Skin Care System

After you exfoliate with Day 4's prize, you need a gentle yet effective Skin Care System to keep your skin looking it's best. Relogy uses 100% vegan ingredients (including coconut which is a natural powerhouse). I can't say enough about this system; I've always suffered from acne but now I'm stuck in the 'adult acne' phase where it's not so much about keeping my face clean as it is about keeping it ph balanced. My acne is triggered by stress, hormones, and the foods I eat so I need something soothing. I also need something that helps my acne heal without scaring. This system does that.

The lucky winner will receive:

  • Rinse-Free Acne Treatment Foam 4 fl oz.

  • Skin Balancing Lotion with Coconut Milk 2 fl. oz

  • Targeted Spot Treatment with Seaweed Extract .25 fl. oz. 

  • RELOGY Guide to Clear Skin

...and a cute little travel bag to keep it in!

To learn more about Relogy, visit their website at

They are also on Facebook!

I've also added an additional 5 points for liking their Facebook Page in the Rafflecopter Widget! 

The folks over at Relogy were kind enough to provide this prize for you. :-) Thank you, Relogy!

Have you seen the other prizes yet? Click HERE to see them!

To enter simply use the Rafflecopter Widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Are you ready for Day 6?!?

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