Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Julie G, Mistletoe.

If you are going to be doing a bunch of cooking and baking today and tomorrow I highly recommend wearing a Julie G Texture polish; they are so incredibly durable. Just keep in mind that they cannot hold up against a grater though... 

I wore Mistletoe, a deep emerald green, last weekend while I whipped up various sweet treats and some comfort food. It held up beautifully until I accidentally grated my thumb nail. I ended up picking polish pieces out of the citrus zest I was grating. ;) Oh, well.

The formula on this polish is typical of all the other Julie G Gumdrops; it's great. 2 easy coats to opacity and dry time was super quick. I also appreciate that they omitted the larger hexagon glitters in the Holiday Gumdrops

Now, I am off to bake some Snickerdoodles.

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