Sunday, December 29, 2013

OMG Nail Strips, Red Snowflakes.

I have a few days left in December so I decided to stay in the holiday spirit and wear my OMG Nail Strips in Red Snowflake that I picked up on Black Friday. These are the same ones I featured on Day 11 of My 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. They feature white snowflakes on a red base.

I have to admit I hate the staining I get on the skin around my nails when I apply red nail polish. I'm so pale that it's really obvious and not my favorite look. This way I get cute red nails without clean up and staining. Happy Happy Happy.

I've used a few nail strips in the past and I'm getting better and better at it. They all have slightly different application procedures so you always want to thoroughly read the instructions. The OMG Nail Strips are pretty darn easy. Remove your old polish making sure you get the nail nice and clean & file if needed. Push back your cuticles, moisturize your hands and nails, then clean the nail plate thoroughly using acetone. Now you are ready to start applying the nail strips. I have a few tips:

1) Opt for a larger strip - You can use a sharp razor blade to cleanly trim the strip along the sides of your nail. Just make sure you clean the razor blade well with alcohol before use and use very light pressure so you don't cut yourself. If you are dangerous with anything sharp pass on this tip. ;) I don't want anyone to hurt themselves...

2) Don't stretch the strip - Some people like that they can stretch the strips but I find it distorts the image and causes the color to fade. Of course you could do some very slight stretching but don't over-do it.

3) Line the strip up to one side of your nail - Then you will just need to trim the other side. 

4) Use your finger to smooth the strips down - I found that using an orange wood stick could damage the strip. I used my fingers to smooth them then used an orange wood stick just to make sure the edges were flat against my nail. 

5) Don't apply acetone over the strip - On the OMG Nail Strip website it says to wet the strip down on your nail with acetone to help it bond to the nail. I've read lots of reviews where it distorted the image or caused the color to fade. I just applied the strip and then sealed it with a good top coat (being sure to wrap the edge of my nail).

These strips actually lined up to my cuticle shape nicely but if you have rounder or square cuticles you can easily trim these with scissors. Initially looking at the strips I thought they were too big but they actually fit 75% of my nails. I had to trim both pinkie nails, one ring nail, and one index nail. 

The strips feel like thin vinyl (before you take the protective top & backing off they feel really thick) and could easily fold up on itself so take care when pulling the backing off. They are easy to reposition too just be gentle with them. 

I think they are very cute; my husband even approved! OMG Nail Strips are much more affordable than others and I like the cute and simple designs for short nails. Let's be honest, there's not a lot of room for art on my shorties so simple works best for me. This way you can actually see the pattern on my nails. They also offer foil strips; I haven't tried them yet but I want to! 

They are currently offering 4 Sets for $20 through New Years and they always offer Free Shipping. Check out to see all the different designs they offer.

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