Sunday, January 12, 2014

How Do You Blog???


When I initially started blogging I was doing so with less than stellar equipment; a 6 year old Dell PC and a 2 year old Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. The good thing is my enthusiasm out-weighed those hurtles. But, as life went on (and of course threw a few wrenches in the mix) I started struggling and found blogging to be more of a chore. It was because of the equipment I had. Because my Dell was soooo slow it took me hours to just put together a quick and simple post. Very frustrating. 

Luckily, my work with H&R Block started to pay off and every year I was making more and more money and last year my commission check got me out of the red and into the green. I went to the dark side... I went Apple, all the way too. iPhone, iMac, and in November I got the iPad Mini with Retina Display. 

Of course I grew up on PC's so I had a learning curve to grasp. I also had a daunting task of finding an app for my iPad so I could blog while vegging on the couch or in bed. The iMac is great when I'm home alone and in work mode but it's nice to be able to peck away at a blog post when I get a few moments here and there. I had downloaded a free app called BlogHer for my iPad (you can put it on the iPhone too but the keyboard is too darn small). It was leaps and bounds better than the Blogger App (which is a bare bones blogging app) but it still lacked a few things.

I was lucky enough to see this post in my Bloglovin' Feed where I found out about an app called Posts (and it's Free!). Kristina from Adore A Polish also likes to blog from her iPad and highlights some great apps for productivity. You should check out the article and follow her while you're there. Her posts are really fun to read. My last couple of posts have all been done using Posts and I'm really happy with it. The only thing I see is the quality of my photos seem to have decreased but maybe it's just the photos I am taking lately. Let me know your thoughts and share some constructive criticism. ;)

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