Thursday, January 23, 2014

Julep, Reece.

Ever since I saw Lacquer or Leave Her post this polish I've been dying to wear it. It's so unique; I love the combo of the duochrome and scattered holo.

I've gone a little Julep Mad as of late. I took advantage of their Black Friday Sale, their Christmas Sale, and then their After Christmas Sale (Warehouse Sale). If you follow me on Facebook you saw all the haul photos. I bought 1 on Black Friday, 2 during the Christmas Sale, and then completely blew the doors wide open when I bought 9 from their Warehouse Sale. It's been awhile since I bought any Juleps so I figure I was just getting it all out of my system. It doesn't hurt that the prices were deeply discounted. I just don't buy Julep's at full price; it's too expensive. I'm not stupid; there's significantly less polish in those stylish bottles.

The formula on Reece was a little bothersome; it was thick and sticky. It also had a tendency to be on the sheer side and I experienced some drag. I added a little thinner and tried it again; still troublesome. Added some more thinner; still troublesome. Hmmm... The good news is it dried really quick. If you get this pretty just apply medium coats and don't overwork the polish and you should be fine. I used 2 medium coats. There are times where I see a few sheer spots in the light but it's generally opaque. It dries with a little texture due to the holographic glitter so I finished it off with a coat of Gelous & In A Hurry.

Did you get any new Julep's during any of their sales?

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