Friday, January 31, 2014

Milani Texture, Lovely Lavender.

Who's with me on the Texture Train?!? 

Here we have my 1st creme texture polish. Milani released some some creme texture collections in summer and fall last year and I really liked them. I grabbed the purple & yellow from the summer release. The fall release had some really unique neutrals so I grabbed a soft sage green, a medium mauve, and this pale lavender. I swatched them on swatched sticks and put photos on my Facebook page.

The great thing about this light colored texture polish is typically light colors are a bit streaky but this one is super opaque. The only reason you need a 2nd coat is to get a better texture effect. I used my typical base coat of Barielle's Hydrating Ridgefiller. The formula is thick but not thick enough to make it difficult to apply. The only issue in application was the brush didn't fan out on the nail so I had a bit more clean up than usual. Just don't try to apply the coats too thin or you will need to dip back into the bottle. I didn't have any issues with dragging or streaking. Each coat dried very quickly. I've heard people mention the the creme textures can take longer to dry but that's not what I experienced with this one. 

After wearing this for a few days I've found that this polish really collects and shows dirt. I was placing H&R Block yard signs around our shopping center the other day and in the process was tramping through shrubbery and dirt. By the time I was done my nails were brown. Yikes! It came clean easily when I washed my hands. But when you put lotion on you will notice it leaves residue on the nail. 

The pale lavender is really pretty but I'm not exactly happy about how it collects and shows dirt. Have you tried this one yet? What did you think? I'm actually looking forward to trying the darker ones (like the purple or mauve) to see if it collects and shows dirt like this one.

I bought my Milani Textures through their website. $4.99 each and Free Standard Shipping on orders over $30.

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