Thursday, January 9, 2014

My New Years Resolution: Makeup Purge!

I hoard makeup. I buy it, put it away, and never use it. A horrible cycle that not only wasted money but it left my drawers messy and burdened with junk. 

So I made the decision to completely purge everything that was old, not used, as well as the non cruelty-free brands I still had. I threw out 3 drawers of makeup! The end result is a small but quality stash that I can easily navigate and will stay clean & organized.

My daily drivers: I live & die by CC & BB creams and mineral foundation. I also use concealer, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, highlighter and mascara everyday. Towards the back of the drawer (where you can't see) I have my UD Vice 2 Palette, Tarte Femme Fatale Palette, and a few others. 

Caboodle Canoodle: As a teen I was obsessed with Caboodles and I found I could repurpose these to hold items I don't use everyday. I don't wear lipstick or gloss on a daily basis; I keep them moisturized with lip balm most of the time. So, in the dark purple Caboodle are all of my lippies. The light purple Caboodle houses some free samples and travel sized items.

I also love my straight iron stand; it suction cups to the countertop so it stays put and keeps my vanity neat.

I repurposed some mason jars to hold my makeup brushes, eyeliners, jumbo eye pencils, and eyeshadow primer. I like the country feel of them and when they get dirty I can just put them in the dishwasher. I like durable and utilitarian tools; makes life easier.

I'm glad I was able to tackle this job and get it ready before I started working. It should help me cut down on time getting ready too. 

Do you have any resolutions or goals for the New Year?


  1. I don't do resolutions but I love your organization ideas! I never thought to use Mason jars. I have brushes and pencils and etc in tall votive candle holders but always fear breaking them.
    What are you using in your drawer there? Is that a silverware tray?

    I need to do only organized makeup is my Illamasqua eyeshadows. Sad!

    I like what you did!

    1. I usually don't do resolutions either but I figured it would also be good to have it all cleaned up before I went back to work.

      The drawer organizer was actually a part of a gift set I received years ago. It was either a bath & body set or cosmetics and this was the display holding it. I think this was the best part. LOL

      Thanks, girl. Now, I'm ready to buy more make up!! Ha Ha Just Kidding... Not really... Ok, I should be but I'm not. ;)

  2. I'm like Tricksie and don't make resolutions any more, haven't in almost 30 years. I won't even set goals for myself until February in case someone mistakes it as a resolution. :0)

    Great ideas Kelly! May I ask where you got your flat iron stand? My hubby hasn't done it here yet, but where we used to live, he took a couple PVC pipes and trimmed them down to fit on the side of the cabinet beside the sink so my daughter and I could store our curling irons without burning the sink or the cabinet while they were cooling off. I'm not sure if the flat iron would fit in one of those or not, but I could have him check. PVC is easy to paint too. I love the mason jar idea! That is something, as a candle maker, I have on hand all the time. Wish I had though of it myself. ;<) A make-up brush holder was something I had asked for as a gift for Christmas and my hubby looked all over for one and couldn't find such a thing. He's going to be smacking his forehead when he sees what I do with a mason jar. lol
    Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas Kelly!

    1. Hi Angela! I got the flat iron stand from Current; ever hear of it? It's one of my favorite places to shop for gift wrapping supplies and little trinkets. It's also good for stocking stuffers. What I want next is a hair dyer holder for the cabinet door.

      I love that you can even screw on the rim of the lids on the mason jars so they look finished. I had picked up a pack of mason jars from Target on clearance (under $10) and I had yet to use them so this was perfect.

      My hubby is a plumber so I could have him check out the PVC idea. ;)

      I'm glad you like my ideas! Sometimes you gotta get creative with what you can find around the house. ;)

  3. I found yet another great use for a mason jar... It holds cotton rounds perfectly. ;)


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