Thursday, January 16, 2014

Zoya, Tomoko (Pixie Dust).

It's all about the texture! Whoop! Whoop! This time I decided to try the Zoya Pixie Dust in Tomoko. I loved all the swatch photos I was seeing out there; it's a super glittery white that consists of silver and gold. It gives it an off white look. Super pretty.

I know you are not supposed to use a base coat but I did anyways. I used my Barielle Hydrating Ridgefiller because I like the added benefit of it hydrating and protecting my nails. I didn't have any issues using Tomoko with my base coat. I used 2 coats, probably should have done a 3rd for more opacity but I was in a rush. Work called to see if I could come in early... Really?!? Already?!? Aarg.

The formula was good, not as good as the Julie G texture line but still easy to apply. I wish the Zoya brush would fan out on the nail more with these; the brush wants to stick to itself with this texture. It took a little longer to dry but not as long as a cream. Of course I omitted top coat. 

The wear time was excellent; I didn't have any tip wear until the 3rd day and it was very minimal, by the 5th day it was still looking great I just really wanted to change my mani! LOL


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