Saturday, February 8, 2014

Zoya PixieDust, Arabella.

I just can't stop with the textures; I love them so much! Please forgive me if you are not a fan of textures. I am trying to scatter other types of polish between my textures but I do realize they are starting to dominate the blog. 

Here we have a magenta pink glittery texture from Zoya: Arabella. The formula was actually much nicer with Arabella in comparison to Tomoko. The brush did fan out nicely on the nail and I got really precise application. 2 fast drying coats and I was done! 

I thought I would pull out some pinks for the month of February and hopefully I will have the opportunity to do some nail art too, but no promises. Tax Season has been unpredictable and it's been coming in ebs and flows unlike prior years. The hubby also started a job for the plumbers union and he is up in Barstow all week long working 6 10's. So, I miss my better half. 

Arabella is available on Zoya's website. Be sure to sign up for an account because they had had some great promos recently. 

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  1. i hear ya about textures, i can't get enough of them either!!! i'm so glad 2014 is going strong with them =-)


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