Saturday, March 15, 2014

CND Shellac, Tropix.

February is always a busy month for me and this year was no exception. I didn't get a chance to post my manicures but I did take photos.

Please forgive the terrible condition of my hands and the bad photo.

CND's Shellac is great for me at tax season; my nails look great for 14 days straight, my nails get the added strength of a gel manicure so they are less likely to break, and application time is much quicker than traditional manicures because you don't have to wait for each layer to air dry. 

This is how the color translated most of the time.

For February I decided to wear Tropix which I initially thought would be a vibrant coral but in reality it ended up looking fluorescent pink most of the time which I really dug. The picture above was taken after about 4 days of wear. I had a bit of an issue with the color coat pulling away from the edge of the nail as well as trying to wrap my tips but I found a few things to try next time to eliminate those issues. It's important to do very thin costs and some people have mentioned that two coats of base coat will help as well.

Recently I've been watching lots of videos on YouTube to learn how to use water decals and CND's Additives with Shellac. I was even thinking about doing my Saint Patrick's Day mani using Shellac but I have since changed my mind. Instead I am going to try something for Spring towards the end of March. I didn't want to be stuck with a themed mani for two weeks. LOL. I recently picked up a few more Shellac Colors and an Additives off of eBay and I'm looking forward to using them.

I'm going to post my other February mani tomorrow to get caught up before Saint Patrick's Day.

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