Saturday, March 8, 2014

LUSH Neon Love.

I'm kind of a jerk for showing you this set because it's no longer available. However... This is my first time trying LUSH and I am really enjoying this set. You can also buy each of these items individually.

Isn't that packaging great?!? 

TOP: Red Fun

MIDDLE: Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

BOTTOM; Left to Right: Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie, From Dusk 'Til Dawn Massage Cone, Neon Love Soap.

The good news is the Neon Love Soap (3.5 oz.) is still available and if you like unique warm scents you should get it while you can. I am a huge fan of Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath & Body Works so I love this too! The scent is a unique blend of fresh fruit juice, soya yogurt, citrusy bergamot, rosewood, and spicy cinnamon leaf oil. I'm used to soaps that rinse clean so I had to get used to the moisturizing oils this leaves behind but it did moisturize very well when I skipped body lotion. I also used the entire bar up in a week. LOL I like to lather up really well. ;)

I also tried the Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie which smells like fresh cut roses. You can buy this in a large 7oz. size on their site. I only got a small container of it and I went through it pretty quickly (3 days) but it made my shower smell like roses for many days. Loved it! Again, this has a very moisturizing formula consisting of jasmine, Turkish rose, smoothing almond oil, cocoa butter, and neroli.

I gave the Bubble Gum Lip Scrub a try and it is definitely a lip scrub but it was kind of hard and sticky. But it smells wonderful. You can even lick it off your lips (edible!) but it's really sugary-sweet! Use this scrub before getting in the shower and then apply a balm to keep them moisturized. 

I haven't tried the From Dusk 'Til Dawn Massage Cone just yet but with the scent of Sicilian lemon and sweet wild orange I know I'm gonna enjoy using this. It's full of moisturizing ingredients too.

Red Fun is the other one I haven't gotten to just yet but this one actually sounds like it will be fun to play with. Apparently it's highly moldable and a little goes a long way. It's scented with orange and mandarin oils; when I opened up my Neon Love box this scent attacked my nostrils. It's bright and uplifting; a very fun scent. You can use this as shampoo, body wash or for a bath soak.

I'm happy I finally jumped into LUSH. Especially after I saw the box it was delivered in:

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