Friday, April 18, 2014

Zoya, Hudson & Monet.

Hey, Hey, Hey!! I'm back from my tax season hiatus! This was one weird tax season, let me tell you... And I'm glad it's over. I didn't do so hot this year; I was literally 100 returns down from last year. Very disappointing and I won't be seeing a very nice commission check which makes me sad. 

But, here's something that made me happy: My nails in Zoya's Hudson & Monet. I wore this in the begining of April to celebrate the approach of Spring. 

These are part of Zoya's New Spring Collection this year called Awaken. Hudson is a soft shimmering purple. It's a bit on the sheer side but the formula is nice and easy to work with. My photo shows 2 coats but 3 would give more opaque coverage. 

On my accent nail I applied 1 thin coat of Monet which is irridescent hex glitter in a clear base. The suspension base is very thick but this way you are not fishing for glitter. I like the amount and dispersement on my nail but I know that those who like heavy glitter tended to be disappointed with it. I like how it flashes all the different colors of the rainbow. A very Springy glitter.

Both of these took a while to dry and Hudson chipped right away, sadly, as you can see by that small spot on my middle nail.

I like these but after seeing reviews on the entire collection, it looks like the formulas used for this collection missed the mark. Too sheer and the creams are streaky. Hopefully we start seeing the typical Zoya formula in the next collection.

(P.S.) I've got something special coming up so stay tuned!

How has your April been going?

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  1. Totally agree. This season's weren't the best. Gorgeous colors but the formulas missed the mark


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