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Impulse Cosmetics: Opaque Matte & Metaluxe Lipsticks.

I recently saw a blog post about Impulse Cosmetics and I was intrigued by the idea of a lipstick palette with colors you can use to mix up and transform colors. But before I order a full sized palette I placed a sample order for 5 of their lipsticks; 2 Opaque Matte and 3 Metaluxe. 

Top (Metaluxe); from left to right: Affluent, Texas Tea, & Infatuation.

Bottom (Opaque Matte); from left to right: Laughing Gas & Electric City.

I did swatches on my hand without any lip primer for you. I also tested these out on my lips but didn't take any photos since I wasn't wearing foundation at the time. But I did take one photo for you of me wearing Texas Tea.

Top to Bottom: Electric City, Affluent, Laughing Gas, Infatuation, and Texas Tea.

Close up of Electric City, Affluent, and Laughing Gas.

Close up of Infatuation and Texas Tea.

The Opaque Matte lipsticks are not a drying matte, more like a satin and they are very creamy and don't dry out my lips. They also have really nice staying power and a nice consistency between emollient and thick; kind of like a lip balm. I used my Sedona Lace lip brush (LB 25) to apply these to my lips and for the swatches. I would swirl my brush in the product and felt I wasn't picking up any product but I was wrong! The product has a very thin consistency but applies with a nice punch of color. They do have a sheerness to them that I actually like. I feel like this makes them more wearable but you can also build them up to more opacity. You can also warm them up with your blow dryer to load more product on your brush. The formula prevents you from having too much product on your lips (you know, when it starts to collect in your waterline?!? I hate that!).

Laughing Gas is a very pale beige and is perfect for lightening other colors. On it's own it's too pale for me (I feel like I'm channeling Jersey Shore) but could also be great for creating an ombré lip. I am thinking this would even make a great base for a very bright lip when you don't want your natural lip color coming through. I applied a bright bubble gum pink lip gloss over it and it definitely brought more of the color of the lip gloss out on my lips. You can wear this sheer or build it up. But keep in mind that lip colors like these tend to collect in creases and dry patches so exfoliate well before applying. I made the swatch on my hand a little larger so you could see it better; it almost disappears on my skin. LOL I did do quite a few passes with my lip brush to get it to show up on my hand. On my lip it actually showed up better.

Electric City is my favorite of the bunch; a great tangerine orange! I love wearing this a little on the sheer side; it makes it so wearable! It's not neon but not a peach tone either. It's perfect. Lots of great color payoff but not heavy or cakey. I also played with my lip balm (e.l.f. SPF 15 Lip Balm in Clear) with this color and found I could make a squishy jelly lip with this as well. It blended great with the lip balm. My swatch was done with 2 passes of my lip brush. It actually shows up a hair brighter on my hand than on my lip.

The Metaluxe lipsticks are shimmery metallic colors. Again, these are not drying. These are a lot like the Opaque Matte lipsticks with one exception; Infatuation was less creamy and more grainy. I'm assuming the high glitter content due to this being a duo-chrome color is why. The shimmer can accumulate in lines, creases, and dry spots but lip primer could help with that.

Texas Tea is a coppery rust color and my favorite of the Metaluxe line. It is nice and creamy. It's a little dark for me so I want to try mixing this with Affluent (gold) or even Infatuation (pink duo-chrome). But this is a great alternative lip color.

Affluent is a sheer gold shimmer. This one requires a lot of building to get it opaque but I actually prefer the sheer wash; it's like a natural lip but when the light hits it you can tell you are wearing something special. It's also very creamy. I think my favorite way to use this will be mixing with other colors or to create an ombré lip. Applying this in the middle of a bright pink or red lip would be divine!

Infatuation is a soft pink duo-chrome. When I saw the swatches on etsy I thought this was going to be a great everyday lip color. Unfortunently, it applies very, very sheer. I almost couldn't discern it from my natural lip color. The gold shimmer gave it away. It was also drier than the others and has a grainy texture to it. I'm not sure I would enjoy wearing this on a regular basis but I will try mixing it with other lip colors.

After wearing Texas Tea for a few hours my lips are still nice and moist. The color has faded a little but then again I'm not wearing liner or primer so that's normal. I kept the swatches on my hand too and they are all still very creamy. I ended up blending them all together and they blend beautifully.

Right now Impulse Cosmetics is on vacation but they will return soon with a new product line and hopefully with some lip palettes for sale. In the meantime you can 'Like' their Facebook Page to be notified when they are back up and running. You can also check out their photos on Facebook to start a Wishlist. Oh, and they have nail polish too! Hope to try it soon...

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