Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nail Art Challenge: YUMMY!

So where have I been lately... Oh just running around like a chicken with my head cut off is all! Had some 'life' come up and so nail stuff got sent to the back of the line.

I almost missed a week but to be honest the submission was not up to blog standards so I didn't even post it here. I'll post it at the very end of this one in case you wanna see it.

So for the 3rd week of the Polish Swap Society Nail Art Challenge the theme is a sweet treat inspired mani. Cupcakes, sprinkles, whatever you like! I looked up a few different tutorials on Google and such and found this one:

So here are my tweaked version of frosting nails. Frosting is perfect because my husband is notorious for simply buying a tub of frosting. Makes me wanna gag. I always ask him why not get a cake mix too so he could cut his frosting a little. LOL

I used a base color of Pokerface by NARS. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm now hooked and need more NARS polish. The formula was a little on the thin side but it applied beautifully. My only gripe is I couldn't pull the bulky square cap off for easier handling. This is a soft violet with very fine shimmer. It could even be classified as a radiant orchid color. This is one of those universally flattering colors. Absolutely love it. 2 easy coats and dry time was good too. (BTW I bought this just for the name; I'm a Lady Gaga fan)

I then used China Glaze, White On White for some white frosting on the tips of my nails. I applied this much like you would apply a cloud mani. I let the brush do most of the work. This is a good basic white and works well for my nail art needs.

After the white dried I then added some sprinkles to my frosting using China Glaze, All A Flutter. I'm a fan of feather glitters and this one applied easily. The color combo of baby blue, light orange, and white is a perfect spring time sprinkle on my frosting.

Finished it off with a coat of Gelous & In A Hurry. 

I think it came out cute and goes well with my new nail shape (yep, after breaking corners off of two nails I decided to try a rounded nail shape).

...And before I go I mentioned I would show you my last minute submission for last weeks challenge. The theme was flowers using this tutorial:

It's a very easy and basic flower you can do using a dotting tool. I actually did it but never got around to photographing it before it got totally demolished during an all-day deep cleaning session. In the last couple of hours of Wednesday I banged this out:

Sans base coat I used a base color of Barry M, Cappucino (I bought this from Ninja Polish but sadly they have closed shop. Total bummer. They were the best place to buy Barry M in the US).This was one coat so I could get onto the nail art. Great color and formula and it's a cruelty free dupe for Essie, Merino Cool. 

I did the flowers using acrylic paint because they work beautifully with dotting tools.

I did add some sparkle to the center of each flower by topping the yellow acrylic paint with a dot of Kleancolor, Holo Yellow. This is a fantastic metallic yellow with tons of fine holo glitter. 

I then filled in the empty space on my nail with small dots of China Glaze, Swanky Silk

My only problem is I only have one dotting tool with a small & large dotter. I wish I had other sizes; I would have liked a larger dotter for the flowers. Time to hit up eBay. ;)

As you can see I didn't use top coat either. Plus, crappy lighting. Oh well, at least I did it! LOL

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