Monday, May 26, 2014

Orly FX, Black Hole.

I no longer say 'Happy Memorial Day' because I had a vet tell me he hatred it when people said that. He didn't know why anyone would be happy on a day that honors those who perished in battle to protect our freedoms. That makes since. It really shouldn't be a 'Happy' day but a day of rememberance and respect. It's a Memorial, not a BBQ or pool party. But that's how most people view it; it's an excuse to get an extra day off and to have fun. To be honest I too used to see it that way. You don't know until someone educates you. So, now, I simply have a moment of silence and prayer for our fallen. I think hard about the ultimate sacrifice they (and their families) made. So, yeah, no Happy Memorial Day over here; instead I give thanks to those who have served and put my life above their own.

It's tradition for my hubby and I to go out camping with our Uncle Jimmy (Special Forces, Navy) and his military brothers. We drive out to Death Valley in a very remote area and we waste some bullets. It was fun yet exhausting (camping always is). Of course I had my nails painted appropriately.

Photos taken in Death Valley; No pretty glossy nails whilst camping. 

I used 1 coat of Wet n Wild, Black Creme from the Wild Shine line. This is a pretty nice black creme but it's not quite a 1 coater unless you apply a medium to thick layer, which is what I did. Some people say this is good for stamping but when I tried it my results were not that great. It dried relatively quickly (since it was only 1 coat).

Then I applied 1 thick coat of Orly's Black Hole from the 2014 Spring Galaxy FX Collection. This entire collection is made up of chunky milky glitters in very unique combos. I bought the entire collection because I love them. Black Hole is a black jelly base with various glitters; small metallic red hexagons, blue metallic bars, medium matte white hexagons, large metallic red circles, and large metallic lavender circles. It's a challenge to get the circle glitter out but it wasn't a deal breaker for me. This is a pretty patriotic combo if you ask me (except for the lavender circles but you get so few of them it's not a big deal).

You could build this up to opacity on its own in about 3 coats but to be honest it's such a glitter packed polish that all I really needed was one. This worked out perfectly for what I wanted. Otherwise you might get a very bumpy result. The consistency is a typical thick suspension base but I didn't have any problems with application. I tried not to over work it but I was able to get the glitter where I wanted it pretty easily. Dried quickly as is typical of glitters.

I finished it off with a coat of Gelous and In A Hurry.

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