Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Black and White Monochrome Skittles.

I recently participated in an online Jamberry Nails party. I got some samples to try (but still bought some full sets before trying the samples... Doh!) and I thought I would do a black and white monochrome skittle with them.

Thumb: 2 coats of ManGlaze, Matte Is Murder.

Index: Started with 2 coats of China Glaze, White On White. One coat of Picture Polish, Atomic.

Middle: Jamberry Black and White Chevron nail strip.

Ring: 2 coats of ManGlaze, Fuggen Ugly.

Pinkie: Jamberry Black & White Quad nail strip.

I top coated all my nails with In A Hurry (sadly, I got some bubbles).

I've been watching lots of grav3yardgirl's videos lately and I think that's where I got the inspiration to do these. She loves her black and white nails!

I got these samples from my Jamberry Nails Consultant, Theresa Brown

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