Friday, June 6, 2014

Nail Art FAIL: Pattern!

Due to circumstances outside of our control the Polish Swap Society's Nail Art Challenge will experience a bit of a delay. The last two challenges will be done every two weeks. That turned out to be a good thing because I had an idea to try a new stamping technique as seen here but it turned out not so great! 

I was lucky enough to get a new Victoria's Secret Swimsuit (in zither Blue Paisley print) and I loved the pattern so much I wanted to try to replicate it for the challenge.

Using Bundle Monster Plate BM-315, the paisley print image, I stamped Barielle's Tres Chic onto my stamper and let it dry. Tres Chic is a very dark navy blue with a touch of purple to it. It's a cream and very opaque.

I filled in parts of the image using my smallest dotting tool with Barielle's Peach Popsicle which is peachy coral cream and Illamasqua's Cameo which is a periwinkle blue cream. I then allowed this plenty of time to dry on the stamper.

I painted my nail stick with one coat of China Glaze, White On White. Once it was completely dry I added a top coat and let it dry enough so that the surface was tacky but it was still pretty set. If it's too wet, the polish will slide on the nail.

I then applied the stamper with the dried image to my tacky nail, nice and firm in order to transfer the image. I used a rolling motion as the video above demonstrates.

As you can see my attempt (and this was 2nd one) was not successful. So I am back to the drawing board to figure out the pattern I want to try next. Thankfully I have a little extra time to work on it now. ;)


  1. That is a really cool pattern. Going to add that plate to my wish list. I'm glad you tried this, I've been curious about this technique. Good luck with the next go around!

    1. I think using a top coat on the image before transferring will help maintain the integrity of the design. :)


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