Monday, June 9, 2014

The Body Shop: Lipsticks

I recently found out The Body Shop discontinued one of my favorite lipsticks: The ColourGlide Lipstick in Rose Pink (07). It's a great 'My Lips But Better' color that I reach for over & over. 

The Body Shop introduced a new line to replace the ColourGlide line; Colour Crush Lipsticks. I thought I would try out a few of the new lipsticks and see if I could find a close match for Rose Pink.

ColourGlide Shine Lip Color in Iced Violet (05)

Colour Crush Lipstick in Coral Blush (110), Red Hot Raspberry (201), & Coral Kiss (315)

Lip Liner in Beech (02)

Lip Line Fixer

Some ColourGlide Lipsticks are still available on the website (although I don't know for how long) and I picked up one from the ColourGlide Shine Collection which is Iced Violet (05). This is a gorgeous soft plum (cool toned) with gold shimmer. So pretty and unique in my lipstick collection. You can wear it sheer or build it up. It's very glossy and applies smoothly. It's definitely not long wearing, but really none of these are. I also picked up a Lip Liner in Beech (02), which is a cool toned taupe, and it pairs great with this lip color.

I purchased 3 Colour Crush lipsticks; Coral Kiss (315), Coral Blush (110), & Red Hot Raspberry (201). The first thing I noticed is that these lip colors do run a little more sheer than the original ColourGlide line. They are a thinner more emollient formula as well. The packaging feels more flimsy; I prefer the sturdier metal tubes but they are not as flimsy as say the NYX lipstick tubes. They don't wobble aroun in the container, they snap closed securely, and won't roll down into the tube while applying. The scent is almost the same as the old formula; it smells like vintage lipstick (not the greatest scent) but with a slightly sweet candy scent. Red Hot Raspberry (201) has the best scent among the 3 with a hint of raspberry. 

Coral Kiss would be a great peachy coral but it doesn't apply very well; it settled into my fine lines and dry spots. It was has a very uneven application. Not my favorite of the bunch.

Coral Blush (110) was the one I was hoping would be a good replacement for Rose Pink and I have to say it's very close! I actually think I like it better. It leans more peach than Rose Pink but it's very close in opacity and tone; it has a very earthy nude feel to it (Rose Pink is more mauve). It applys nicely; slightly more emollient than Rose Pink but the opacity is good and it goes on evenly. I love this one!

Red Hot Raspberry (201) is the perfect name for this because it is indeed a super bright and vibrant raspberry pink. Great formula, applies evenly and opaquely. Feels great on the lips. It is also the longest wearing of the 3; it leaves a very bright stain on your lips as well. I tried this on a few hours before bed, wiped it off before going to bed and it still looked like I was wearing it. Applied lip balm, went to bed, woke up the next morning with my lips still stained. Pretty impressive.

With this order I also picked up the Lip Liner Fixer (it's not showing up on their site right now) which is basically just a clear lip liner. Since I'm on the fence with Milani right now I wanted a replacement for my Anti-Feathering Lipliner. It goes on nicely without tugging but I haven't really put it to the test just yet.

The Body Shop cosmetics typically run a little pricey at full-price but they frequently have 50% off Sales which is when I picked these up. Their products are also packed with good-for-you, high quality ingredients. I suggest signing up to receive their emails so you are notified of sales and promotions. I love that The Body Shop promotes ethical products and encourages consumers to become educated. I know that they are owned by L'Oreal which is probably my least favorite company out there but i truly love the fact that that The Body Shop puts animal testing in the public eye along with other important factors like ethically sourced and natural ingredients. To me this is a giant leap and I am 100% behind that!

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