Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Julie G, Sugar Rush.

I'm back with another quick & dirty mani and of course it's another texture. Life's been a heck of a ride lately so these quick drying and durable texture polishes are just what the doctor ordered!

I think this is the only one out of the Summer Gumdrops Collection I hadn't gotten around to wearing. It's a very pretty orangey pink coral with a very heavy golden shimmer. This particular one is a little on the sheer side. I'm currently trying to grow our some stained nails so it took me 3 coats to cover my staining but otherwise I think you could get away with 2 coats. And I have to admit these polishes are even great for refreshing; I had originally applied just the 2 coats then realized I could still see my staining a little. I was so busy that I couldn't add the 3rd coat until a couple of days later. I had obvious tip wear (no surprise considering my occupation as a tax preparer) but I was able to quickly & easily wrap my tips and layer on my 3rd coat without it being obvious. Too awesome!

I have good news too; this is still available as part of Julie G's core line! You can find these in Rite Aid stores and online.


  1. This color is so pretty for summer!

    1. I tend to gravitate towards this color during summer even though there are so many other colors to use! ;)


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