Friday, July 25, 2014

Mötley Crüe Concert Nails.

Hey, Guys! On Tuesday I saw Motley Crüe for their Final Tour and I'm still dragging ass! Fun but exhausting!

My nails were pretty basic; I didn't have time to do anything more. I started with a base color of Zoya, Raven, a nice black with very fine silver shimmer (sorry, no photo of Raven). I used one medium coat and I had a few sheer spots but for this mani it wasn't an issue. Two thin coats would have been ideal. Good formula and easy to apply.

After Raven was dry I added one coat of Orly, Space Cadet. I've been waiting for the perfect time to wear this... and this was it. I love the metallic oil slick look! Formula was super easy to apply. I also applied Illamasqua's UV Glow Top Coat, Geist, because Michaela suggested it but it turned out there weren't any black lights at the concert.

Just had to do 'Devil Horns'!

Sorry about the tip wear in the photos but it took me 2 days to take photos.

Here's a quick 60 second clip of the opening song:

Back to vegging on the couch...

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