Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review: Cover FX CC Cream & Cream Concealer.

After my not-so-great experience with the Cover FX BB Gel I decided to try their CC Cream instead. I also picked up the Cream Concealer.

I actually like the CC Cream; it's got a really nice emollient formula which applies and blends really nicely with a beauty blender. The coverage is medium; not sheer, not full coverage but it does give a very uniform appearance to skin. I only need to use a concealer over very dark spots and pimples. It has a dewy finish so I apply a powder on top to mattify and set it. If I want full coverage I buff in a foundation powder after giving the CC Cream some time to set. 

There are some down sides to the CC Cream for me; while I like the emollient formula for application it's not so great for wear time. I have oily skin so this ends up sliding all over my face after about 4 hours of wear. I also have realized that it's heavy on the skin (very noticeable in hot summer weather). I do want to see how it fairs in cooler weather; because I do tend to get dry spots in cooler weather and I think my skin might like the emollient formula then.

The color N Light matches really well with my skin.

The Cream Concealer was a bummer for me. While I think it worked well to cover my pimples and other imperfections I was really irked to find that the CC Cream and Cream Concealer are not the same color. I got both in N Light but the concealer is significantly darker and has an orange tint. It was very obvious in the sun. 

The formula of the concealer is very thick and sticky but when you heat it up between your fingers you can easily apply & blend it out. The stickiness helps to keep it in place. 

The Concealer is going back to Cover FX but I'm keeping the CC Cream; I won't wear it every day but I want to try it during the cooler months and when I am experiencing dry skin.

I will be posting a full face using these products in a few days so keep an eye out for it.

Have you tried either of these? If so, what do you think of them? If not, are you interested in trying them? I also purchased the It Cosmetics' IT's All About You 5-piece Customer Favorites and I love the concealer and powder foundation. If you are interested in seeing a review let me know in the comments below.

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