Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Lady Varnishes, Among the Clouds.

I've been addicted to buying all of The Lady Varnishes polishes from a certain someone's stash sales. This is one of those indie polish makers who knows how to make combos that I have a hard time resisting. The fact that I get them at really great prices through the stash sale mentioned earlier makes them irresistible. 

Among the Clouds is a pale periwinkle varnish, with indigo flecks and a subtle gold to green shimmer. I got that straight off the esty listing because I was having one heck of a time figuring out how to describe it. Can't I just say it's good? Like really good??

What you see here is 3 coats. I used thin coats and it dried super quick. The formula is on the thick side but a good thick; easy to apply and I didn't have to fuss to get good placement of the flakes. I absolutely love the shimmer in this and the complexity of the blend. It's also scented; this particular one I believe is Lilac Blossom and it smells really nice.

Check out that bottle shot!

It's taken me awhile to warm up to the indie scene but sometimes the wait is worth it. I highly recommend checking out The Lady Varnishes etsy shop. Before clicking the link be sure you have a few bucks to spend in your checking account. This particular polish is no longer available but there are many more to choose from and you can customize it with your choice of scent. Oh, and they all come with cute charms!

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