Monday, August 4, 2014

Maya Cosmetics, Bittersweet Symphony.

Hey Gang! If you follow my Facebook Page you know that I recently purchased a huge lot of stripping tape from Amazon. So, I decided to start with a negative space mani.

I applied my base coat of ACI's Bridge The Ridge and let it dry thoroughly.

On my Middle & Ring nails I applied stripping tape; I did a cross cross towards the cuticle on my Ring and double stripes on my middle. On my right hand I did the same patterns but switched nails.

I then applied a coat of Maya Cosmetics, Bittersweet Symphony and promptly removed the stripping tape. Bittersweet Symphony is almost a one coater and a glitter bomb. Per Maya Cosmetics it consists of gunmetal, periwinkle, and white glitter with flashes of fuchsia glitter and violet-blue-pink micro flakes in a sheer dark gray base. I don't see the white glitter but otherwise that description is accurate. It's very, very thick. I added some thinner but I really didn't see a difference. 

After the first coat was completely dry I applied stripping tape back into the void areas and using tweezers made sure they were secure. I applied a 2nd coat of Bittersweet Symphony and removed the tape immediately and allowed it to dry thoroughly.

I added one coat of ACI's In A Hurry.

Sadly, Maya Cosmetics has gone out of business. I actually bought this during their going out of business sale. But check Blog & Stash sales; you never know you just might find it.

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