Friday, August 15, 2014

Shark Week: Maui and Sons.

Back in the early 90's I was in Jr. High and among all of the trendy and popular brands was Maui and Sons. They make board shorts, tshirts, tanks, hoodies, etc.; it's all beach inspired wear. A trademark of theirs was a shark called Sharkey. They used either neons or washed out colors in their designs so I thought I would close out Shark Week with a Maui and Sons inspired shark mani.

Thumb & Pinkie: I used 3 coats of Julep, Nadia. This soft golden yellow shimmer isn't bad; I was expecting it to be sheerer than it is. I also thought it would be streaky and plagued with brush strokes but I was pleasantly surprised. The formula was easy to work with; I actually used my PliƩ Wand for the first time doing this mani and it worked pretty well. Dry time was average.

Do you know what type of shark this is?
Index & Ring: 3 coats of Julep, MacKenzie. I really like this bright lime green shimmer and it would probably look even brighter over a white base. It's a lot like Nadia in formula and finish.

Middle: 3 coats of Zoya, Kara. I never would have guessed this would require 3 coats but the formula is very, very thin and after the 2nd coat I was seeing a very uneven finish so I added a 3rd to even things out. I had to be very careful to avoid cuticle pooling. It's a great color and complements this mani nicely but I had originally bought this polish in hopes it was more of a red/orange coral. I also added 1 coat of Dance Legend, Rio 3, a neon square glitter topper. I love this look but I hate the formula; it is so thick and takes forever to dry. The best way to apply this is to put a dollop of polish at the base of your nail, wipe the brush off on the neck of the bottle and then spread the dollop out on the nail.

I added more Shark Decals from Jane's Tiny Things. I wanted to use larger decals this time (and stupid me I had just trimmed my nails down); it took a little more effort to fit the decals on my nails but I like the result. All nails got a coat of ACI's In A Hurry.
Are you sad to see Shark Week coming to an end?

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