Monday, September 22, 2014

Farewell to Summer with Illamasqua, Lumina Lacquer, and Maya Cosmetics.


Do you ever finish a mani and realize you just weren't feeling it? That's what happened to me with my last summer mani. I thought I would really love to use these two Illamasqua's with a glitter I had lusted after for quite sometime.

Illamasqua, Jo'mina & Cameo with Lumina Lacquer, Pinball Wizard on top.

On my ring & pinky: Illamasqua, Cameo is a perfect periwinkle blue (that leans purple) creme. I used this for some nail art in this post and loved the color then too. The formula is great; a perfect 2 coater. For some reason I got horrible bubbling; I believe due to the heat & humidity. I will definitely give this another spin to see how it performs outside of 106 degree weather.

On my index & middle: Illamasqua, Jo'mina is another great polish; this lilac purple creme has a little bit of shimmer in the bottle but it doesn't translate onto the nail. No worries though because a color this good stands alone. Another great formula and 2 coater. Again, experienced bubbling. This will also be coming back out to play.

Unfortunently it looks like Sephora no longer sells Illasamsqua. I can't find a U.S. outlet for their nail lacquer either. You can purchase directly from Illamasqua but you will pay premium shipping. On their next big sale I will definitely be looking to do a group order.

On top of all my nails: Lumina Lacquer, Pinball Wizard is a really fun and cheerful mix of matte glitters. I love all the different shapes. As you can see I even scored a heart on my middle nail and a star on my ring nail. I had to use a dabbing method to get even disbursement of the glitters. The name of this polish also makes me think of Rockstar: Supernova (Reality TV show) where I became a huge Storm Large fan; her performance of Pinball Wizard was fabulous! Sadly, this glitter bomb is no longer available in the big cartel shop. But, if you really need it I recommend stalking Storenvy, eBay, and blog sales.

Due to the severe bubbling and also the chunky glitter I used a coat of Gelous Nail Gel and then a coat of In A Hurry. But after all was said and done we weren't jiving. It felt more spring than summer to me. So, I quickly snapped some photos of it and went back to the drawing board.

The next two polishes are no longer available; I picked them up from Maya Cosmetics' Going Out of Business Sale. Sorry, but they are too pretty to not post.

Maya Cosmetics, Techno Rose & Ethereal. 

On my index & middle: Maya Cosmetics, Techno Rose is a very opaque coral holo. It's got a very salmony orange tone to it. Very unique. I used two easy coats and got beautiful application and finish. The holo is very pronounced in the sunlight. 

On my ring & pinky: Maya Cosmetics, Ethereal is infact a very ethereal light tan holo. It also appears to be metallic but sans the typical brushstrokes. It is on the sheer side so I used three coats. It dried quickly to nice smooth finish. A great mannequin hands color and also very work appropriate... But with something a little more special. The holo tends to be more scattered but I still get some linear holo at times as well. 

All nails got a coat of In A Hurry Air Dry Top Coat. I am definitely jiving with this one; the holo is perfect to send off summer. I really am sending summer off because I'm done with the insane heat and humidity. 

On Mondays We Wear Donuts.

Actually, any day is a good day to wear donuts.

Rings: Donut from Jane's Tiny Things, Chevron from Icing.

Tomorrow is the 1st day of Fall! Yes!!! The blog will be getting a makeover and you can expect lots of Halloween and Fall posts. I will be doing some fun makeup for October as well so you will see some non-polish related (NPR) posts. I hope you enjoy them; let me know if you want more of them. I usually post my Eye Of The Day's, Lip Of The Day's and full face makeup looks on my Instagram account but thought you would enjoy the more unique looks I will be doing in October. I plan on stepping outside of my comfort zone with the Vice 3 palette, My Pretty Zombie, Sugarpill, Prestige Total Intensity Cosmetics, Milani, Wet n' Wild, and NYX. 

Who else is happy to see Fall arrive?!?

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