Friday, September 19, 2014

Nina Ultra Pro, Pearly Brights / Love & Beauty, Coral.

I'm just over here trying to blast out some summer polishes. Seriously, why wasn't I wearing these sooner?!?

Shade (This is color accurate for Pearly Brights)

Nina Ultra Pro, Pearly Brights is a hot pink neon and a good one at that! My picture shows 3 thin coats (no undies) on my ring and pinky. Of course my camera had a hard time picking up the color because it's so bright. It's a warm toned pink and leans coral. It's amazing; one of my very favorite neons I've ever used. The formula was really nice and easy to apply. It dried quickly to a matte finish.

This was an impulse buy from a stash sale. I seriously love stash sales. You wanna call me a hippy for being cruelty free and recycling? Go right ahead! LOL

Sunlight (my camera freaked out on Pearly Brights)

Love & Beauty, Coral (love that shimmer)

I layered 2 coats of Love & Beauty, Coral over Pearly Brights on my my index and middle nails. This is a sheer shimmery polish and is best layerd over other colors. It turned Pearly Brights into a shimmery, glowing reddish pink. In the bottle it looks like an orangey red with pink and purple shimmer. Formula was typical of these types of polishes; easy to apply and a nice consistency. However, it was a little streaky which I find happens with tinted bases like these. 

I bought this online from Forever 21 on a whim. I hoped it would be opaque but I was wrong; it happens. But I found a good use for it here. It's no longer available on their website; looks like they have since changed their colors and bottles.

All nails got a coat of In A Hurry Air Dry Top Coat.

I like this even more than I thought I would; the colors are so bright and summery and perfect for the triple digit heat wave we are having here in SoCal. I also think it's a great way to do one or two accent nails. It's edgy and trendy but not distracting. 

Speaking of heat I'm Seriously. Over. It. Ready. For. Fall.

What do you guys think of this mani? Are you ready for fall too?

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