Monday, October 27, 2014

China Glaze, Getting To Gnaw You and Stop That Train!

Today I have a polish from China Glaze's Apocalypse Of Color with an accent nail from the All Aboard Collection. These two just seemed to scream out at me as a cool combo.

No Top Coat.

Getting To Gnaw You is from the Apocalypse Of Color Collection and it reminds me a lot of Wet n Wild's Cougar Attack from years ago except GTGY has a much more opaque and black base. If you missed out on Cougar Attack and are still kicking yourself I would highly recommend this one. I like it better. It only took two coats and dried very quickly like a texture polish. In fact you could rock this as a texture or your could top coat it. Formula was very easy to work with.

On my accent nail I have Stop That Train! from the All Aboard Collection. This frosty orange is pretty enough but as you can see this shows brush strokes. I love orange polish but this left me a bit bored. I used 2 easy coats; formula was quite easy to work with. 

With Illamasqua Matte Top Coat.

I read about a trick (I believe it was from Work. Play. Polish.) to use a matte top coat on brush-stroke filled finishes so I decided to matte the entire mani and I love it! I used a coat of Illamasqua's Matte Top Coat.

Halloween Donut Midi Ring from Jane's Tiny Things.

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