Saturday, October 25, 2014

China Glaze, Loco-Motive.

Hey Gang! Can I just tell you how stressful this move has been?? Moving is stressful; no news there... But when you go online to U-Haul to reserve a 26' truck on tuesday and this happens:

(If you dont want to bother with this part just scroll down)

- U-Haul Rep calls to go over details on Wednesday; it's a mess.

- U-Haul Rep says they will call you on Thursday to let you know where you can get 26' Truck.

- No call from U-Haul Rep on Thursday.

- Call U-Haul Rep on Friday and ask whats going on. They say we will have the truck tomorrow morning ready to go.

- Go to pick up U-Haul Truck; Not Available.  GRRRRRRR...

- Go home; call another U-Haul.

- Finally talk to someone who knows what they are doing and set-up reservation for Monday. This guy covered everything the 1st did not. 

- Got it on Monday (Yay!)

- Load up truck; drive to new place. 

- Begin unloading; notice huge wet spot under truck.

- Transmission fluid all over driveway (this is a rental sooo...)

- Call U-Haul to inform them their truck took a poop in my driveway.

- U-Haul Rep tells me to go online and report the incident. (This annoys me to no end; I'm on the phone with you now. Why can't you just do it???)

- Go online. Fill out incident report. 

Once I filled out the incident report U-Haul handled it. Although, they did not clean my driveway. Huge problem since we will probably get dinged on our Security Deposit for it. But, U-Haul didn't charge us for the rental. Basically, it all worked out but it was one hell of a ride. 

China Glaze's Loco-Motive is a grey micro glitter and small metallic orange hexagons in a clear base. Another from their All Aboard Collection. China Glaze usually does a great job with their glitters and this is no exception. I thought about layering it over a base color; I tried a grey base but to be honest I preferred it alone at 3 coats. My sunlight photo makes it look really sheer but in real life it was pretty dense. A great color combo too. The formula was easy to work with a dried pretty quickly. I only needed one coat of my In A Hurry Air Dry Top Coat to smooth it out.

I'm freaking out that Halloween is coming up so quickly! Slow down, October! I've got lots more to show you...


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