Monday, October 13, 2014

Dollish Polish, Walker Bait and If I Were A Zombie...

Right after I finished yesterdays post my Dollish Polish order arrived; I ordered her LE The Walking Dead release called Walker Bait and 4 Halloween Themed Glitter Minis. I had to put Walker Bait on right away.

Walker Bait is this awesome deep olive green super holograpic polish. It's like Toxic Avengers' creepy cousin. The formula is much more opaque than your typical holo and only required 2 coats. But it is like other holos in that you don't want to overwork it when applying. In the past I have been able to remove the large sqaure caps for easier polishing but this cap did not want to budge; not sure if maybe the bottles have changed or if I just couldn't remove this one. This polish was named after the character Glenn in The Walking Dead because in one of the earlier seasons he was referred to as Walker Bait. It is a fantastic color and since I sadly missed out on Toxic Avenger I'm glad I got this one. It was originally released a few years back but it was re-released to celebrate the Season 5 Premier. Unfortunently, now,  this is already sold out on her site. However, she has brought Zombie Flesh back from the Acetone Vault and it is still available on her site; get it quick!

On my accent nail I applied 2 coats of If I Were A Zombie, I'd Eat You The Most over Walker Bait. This is a finer milled glitter with lots of micro glitter and tiny hexagons in varying shades of moss, olive, and hunter greens, gray, silver, and a splash of red; all in a clear base. I'm not crazy about glitter polish but these are the absolute best glitters I've worked with. I've always apprecaited the suspension base Dollish Polish uses because they apply beautifully. What's nice about this glitter is you get a very even application and it's not very gritty. I still needed 2 coats of top coat to get it completely smooth though. I love the flashes of red in it. This one is still in stock.

One coat on a clear swatch stick.

I used a coat of In A Hurry Air Dry Top Coat on all nails; added an additional coat to my accent nail to get it nice and glossy.

I love this so much I don't wanna take it off! Did you watch The Walking Dead premier last night? What did you think?

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