Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween: Jane's Tiny Things.

When it comes to Halloween and October it turns to the macabre and spooky in my life. Scary movies, haunted houses, the ouiji board, and don't forget the scary decorations. It figures that I wouldn't put cartoon pumpkins and cats on my nails. No smiling spiders here. LOL

That's where Jane's Tiny Things comes in... with her Fright Night Decals

From Left to Right:

FingerPaints, Catwalk Queen with Goblin Decal.

*OPI, Don't Talk Bach To Me with Witch Decal.

Julep, Adrianna with Zombie Decal.

*OPI, Don't Pretzel My Buttons with Vampire Decal.


Frankened White Polish (1/2 Zoya, Purity & 1/2 China Glaze, Dandy Lyin' Around) with Evil Clown Decal.

I apply these decals like temporary tattoos and applied a coat of ACI's In A Hurry Air Dry Top Coat.

*OPI is no longer Cruelty-Free but I purchased the Germany Collection back when they were Cruelty-Free.

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