Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tips and Lips: Milani Enchanted Garnet and Enchanted Ruby.

Hey ya'll! Sorry for the absence but the hubby and I decided to spend the last days of September in Laughlin, NV! It was a fabulous trip!

Uh Oh, Guess what day it is... It's the first day of October! Whooo Hooo!

I've got a lipstick and a nail lacquer from Milani's Bedazzled Collection to show you today. These are Walgreens exclusives and can be hard to find. It took me quite sometime to hunt them down; I struck gold while on vacation. The Walgreens in Bullhead City, AZ had the collection out. I snagged all the Lippies and nail lacquers. I wasn't too keen on the eyeliners so I passed on those.

HEADS UP: I just found some colors from the Bedazzled Collection online at Click on What's New to see the collection.

Milani Color Statement Nail Lacquer in Enchanted Garnet is exactly that; a garnet. Garnet is a blackened shimmering red with a touch of brown. It also happens to be my birthstone! This is my first time trying out the new Color Statement line. I have to say I am disappointed that the large round caps don't come off for easier handling. Otherwise I found the formula to be nice; it was a good balance of thick and thin. No issues with cuticle pooling. The first coat applied pretty sheer but the second made it opaque. As I was applying this it reminded me of another polish I've worn; Cult Nails, Engimatic. It's has that same dark base but sheer enough to let the red shimmer shine through. I used 2 coats and one coat of Gelous. 

Now this color isn't all that unique but it is definitely a staple color. Especially for fall and winter. I pulled out some similar colors from my stash to give you some comparisons.

1) Ulta, Chocolate Kiss vs. Milani Enchanted Garnet: EG has a much darker base and redder shimmer.

2) OPI, German-icure vs. Milani Enchanted Garnet: Again, EG has a much darker base but German-icure has the red that Chocolate Kiss (above) was lacking.

3) e.l.f. Garnet vs, Milani Enchanted Garnet: e.l.f.'s Garnet is a brighter red. 

4) OPI, Oktoberfest vs. Milani Enchanted Garnet: Obviously Oktoberfest is more purple than red but the depth of the blackened base is very similar. 

5) Cult Nails, Enigmatic vs. Milani Enchanted Garnet: They may have similar formulas but you can see these two are pretty unique to each other. I love the addition of micro glitter to Enigmatic.

Milani Enchanted Ruby is a warm berry matte lipstick. It looks darker in the tube than on the lips but you can also build it up if you want a bolder lip. I'm really into matte lippies because I find they are less likely to migrate and transfer. I have a ton of the matte Wet n Wild Megaslicks that I love to wear. I found this lippie to be just as nice (if not nicer) than the Megaslicks. These have a very light formula so it feels like there's nothing on your lips. I also find they apply nicely with a creamy texture; no issues with tugging but I do tend to press them to my lips and warm them up a few seconds. Cold lipstick never applies right. Not everyone digs matte lip color because they can be drying but I don't have that issue with them. I think these are great. I usually shy away from colors like these but I made a promise to myself that I would wear it. 

Milani will be releasing a new line of matte lipsticks this holiday season so keep an eye open for them. Perhaps these will be re-released with the permanent line.

Lip swatch done with clear lip liner; no lip primer. 

I can't wait to try the others in this collection; did you snag any of these or are you on the hunt for them?

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