Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Slaps-Giving: Barielle & Jane's Tiny Things!

So that title just gave me a genius idea for next year (It's too late for this year); tiny handprint turkeys. Look for it next year. The husband and I love that How I Met Your Mother episode.

This year I went with 2 of Barielle's Shades from their Jetsetter Collection; Autumn In Seoul and Kiss Me Kate. On my ring nail I applied 4 tiny leaves from Jane's Tiny Things, Leaf Me Be Decals.

Barielle, Autumn In Seoul: I was very plesantly surprised with this polish. When I first applied it I thought it would be really sheer, streaky, and show brush strokes but I was wrong. This does look sheer on the 1st coat but I was quite satisfied with 2 coats. The formula is thin but applies very easily (just be sure not to over work it). It dried quickly and hardly shows any kind of brush strokes. This warm bronzy brown seems to glow from within. Its quite beautiful on the nail and I love it.

Barielle, Kiss Me Kate: This light neutral creme applies very opaque. I used 2 coats but some could easily get away with 1 coat. Normally light colors like these dry very uneven and patchy but Kiss Me Kate was a dream to apply; it is a little on the thick side but not difficult to apply in the least. Dried pretty quickly too. It's the perfect base color for my autumn leaves.

Jane's Tiny Things, Leaf Me Be Decals: I love autumn leaves and this sheet of nail decals is genius. You get 5 different types of leaves in 4 different colors. You also get each in 3 different sizes; I love that. I wanted to put a variety of leaves on my ring nail and the smallest decals worked great for that. These are adorable. Applying so many super tiny decals to my nail was a bit of a challenge (I felt like I was performing surgery on a fly) but I absolutely adore the finished result. If you like these be sure to pop over to Jane's etsy shop; these are currently being retired and are on sale.

My other hand actually came out better.

Nails with decals got a thick coat of ACI's Gelous Gel Coat and then all nails got a coat of ACI's In A Hurry Air Dry Top Coat

How cute is this tiny slice of pumpkin pie?!? This is also from Jane's Tiny Things. 

I will have the entire Jetsetter Collection Swatch & Review up next week along with a little something special so be sure to come by the blog to check it out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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