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Partylite Snowy Owl ScentGlow Warmer and FCS "Sparky" Wax Tart.


Do you guys remember when I mentioned I wanted to try Fortune Cookie Soap's Wax Tarts? I had just found out that Bath and Body Works was no longer cruelty free so my candle source dropped out from under me. I found myself facing Christmas without any home fragrance. Not good! I've gotta have some festive scents going on so I found FCS' Wax Tarts. Then I hit another delima; I didn't have a Wax Warmer.

The hunt began for a warmer and of course I immiediately thought of Scentsy but then a friend of mine mentioned that Partylite offers warmers as well and said she loved hers. She gave me the name and contact info of her Partylite consultant, Jennifer Dennis.

Jennifer responded to me quickly and gave me a link to her website. After perusing her online catalog I decided on the Snowy Owl ScentGlow Warmer; I've been on an owl kick lately (my gift bags this Christmas are owl themed) and I like the crackled finish. I received my warmer 7 days later via FedEx.

ScentGlow Warmers are ceramic electric warmers which means there is no open flame. The wax is warmed by a 25 watt light bulb in the base of the warmer. My Snowy Owl came with a 60" (5') cord that plugs into any standard polarized household outlet. My warmer stands 5 3/4" Tall (from base to the tip of the owls ears) and is aproximately 4" in Diameter. There is a small shaker switch on the back of the warmer by the cord where you turn it On and Off.

I decided to use Fortune Cookie Soap's "Sparky" Wax Tart first. This wax tart smells like one of my very favorite Bath & Body Works scents; Pumpkin Pecan Waffle. From the FCS website: Scrumptious vanilla pumpkin waffles topped with brown sugar, pecans and sheets of fresh whipped cream. AH-MAZING; Before warming it up I was really picking up on the vanilla and whipped cream but once it warms up you get the spice of the pumpkin and the warmth of the brown sugar and pecans. These wax tarts are 2 oz. and they fit perfectly in the top of my warmer. You could also cut them in half if you like but I just stuck the whole thing in there. It took aproximately 15 minutes for the tart to liquify completely. I used to have the large 3-wick candles which gave off a ton of scent throw. These are significantly smaller so they won't fill the entire house with scent but they do saturate a bedroom or kitchen well. The wax tarts arrive in a small disposable plastic container and they pop out easily. 

The warmer emits a soft glow when turmed on but it's not enough to disturb you. I don't hear any humming or noise when it is turned on either. It goes well with my white tile in my kitchen. You can use wax tarts or even scented oils in this warmer. You might also be wondering how to remove a used tart from the warmer dish; let the melt(s) cool and solidify completely, then place the dish in your freezer for about 30 minutes. Press on the edge of the wax and it should pop right out. Pretty legit, right?

Jennifer also let me know that Partylite ScentGlow Warmers run at a slightly lower temperature than most other warmers so it helps to prolong the life of the wax tart. I am so very happy to have some holiday home fragrance going on; it's just not Christmas without it! Not to mention I am crazy about this scent (and B&BW doesn't have the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Candle this year either).

Take a look at all the different warmers Partylite offers:

You can order directly through Jennifer's website or if you have any questions you can send her a message through her Facebook profile. And be sure to swing by the blog tomorrow; I think you will enjoy tomorrows post!

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