Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Finish 7 By Spring: Update #1.


Check out my original intro post for more info on each product.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Body Salt Scrub with Guava and Vitamin C: I haven't used this as much as I had hoped I would but now that I've come to that realization I can change that. I got my scale on the 6th, weigh ins as follows: 8.6 fl.oz. on 1/6/15, 8.2 fl.oz. on 1/20/15. Not a lot of progress but at least it's something.

Freeman Bare Foot Lemon + Sage Foot Balm: I've gotten to the point where I can now appreciate the unique texture and it is definitely keeping the winter dryness away. Weigh ins as follows: 5.6 fl.oz. on 1/6/15, 3.8 fl.oz. on 1/20/15. Definite progress!

In case you are wondering about my scale I chose an inexpensive one from Amazon but I love how sleek and modern it looks and so far it is working out great.

LUSH Carrot Soap: Done! It only lasted a week and a half. It's definitely a fun product and great for a luxury item; would I purchase LUSH soap for everyday use? No, it's far too expensive. It's not economical to spend $7 (and don't forget shipping) on a bar of soap that only lasts a couple of weeks. Although it does cleanse well, lathered well, had a wonderfully unique scent. It does leave that typical film that bar soaps leave behind but not as heavy as some commercial bar soaps; after drying off it wasn't noticeable. The scent was not detectable after drying off either. If you want to pick up a special treat to use in the shower this is perfect. I love that LUSH uses natural ingredients and promotes shopping cruelty free. I look forward to trying their bubble bars next.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter: I used this very regularly for about a week and then my use dwindled. These updates are great ways to get you back on track. I only sharpened this once and you can see there is maybe a millimeter of use.

ULTA Minerals Powder Foundation in Fair 01: I've been using this to set my liquid foundation; I put a small amount on my Sedona Lace Flat Top Buffer (FB 07) and stipple it on. It's a good powder foundation and its very inexpensive. I like how finely milled it is.

Too Faced, Be Merry Be Bright Bronzer in Spice: I had a few oopsies and grabbed for a few other bronzers in my stash but for the most part I stuck with this one. It really is an effortless bronzer. I noticed the few times I used a different bronzer that I had to spend more time blending so this bronzer is a great time saver for me.

NOW FOODS, Quercetin With Bromelain: I haven't started using these just yet because my allergies are not bothering me yet but don't worry it won't be long now... 

So, I'd say I've got a fair start so far. Did you recently do an update? Let me know in the comments below so I can check it out and don't forget to check out these gals for their updates! I can create a list for blog posts too so let me know in the comments if you only do blog posts like me!

...and now it's back to taxes!

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