Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Nerd Lacquer, I Think You Call Me...Sexy.

Here's a quickie for ya! I'm so happy Nerd Lacquer is back and has been having restocks! Got this lovely in the last one which occured in December...

I Think You Call Me Sexy is a gorgeous glittery and shimmery complex blue polish. 2 very easy coats; my tips look a little sheer in the photo but in reality it wasn't noticeable. When using a Nerd I give them a real good shake and sit them upside down for at least 15 minutes before using (and some shaking in between to keep it well mixed). In all honesty this was a very easy glitter packed polish to apply; normally these can be difficlut but the combo of a perfected suspension base and the perfect brush really gave me great application. Dried a little bumpy but 2 coats of In A Hurry smoothed it right out. 

Yes, this is a Dr. Who themed polish but No, I am not a fan... but it does not prevent me from loving it. If you are a fan then you just might have to have this right this very moment.

If you love Nerd Lacquer and would like to be in the loop on all things Nerd then I suggest joing this Facebook Group: NerdLacquer Lunatics. Keep in mind this is a fan-run group; not an 'Official' Nerd Lacquer group, but I find this group the best at notifying of restocks and the like. 

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  1. This Polish is gorgeous! Despite it being doctor who themed! (Program always gave me the creeps!) Xxxx


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