Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day: CND Shellac, Scarlet Letter and Zillionaire.


Applied 2 coats of Scarlet Letter from the Charmed Limited Collection. A really squishy looking red that was very easy to apply. It looks like a crelly (creme & jelly) on the nails. It's a great red.

After curing my last color coat I added some heart decals from Icing to my ring nail. I bent the gold metal heart on an orange stick to give it a curve so it would better fit my nail.

I then carefully applied a very light coat of Zillionaire, which is clear base filled with multicolored iridescent flakes. You can build it up or keep it light but it will never reach opacity alone as it is meant to be a topper. This combined with the UV Top Coat sealed my little decals in very well. They lasted the entire time on my nails without peeling or getting caught in my hair or on my clothing.

These turned out very cute; so far my experimenting has been 50/50.

Hope you all have a lovely day! I spent most of it in bed since it is my one day off this week.


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