Friday, June 12, 2015

Bear Pawlish, See You Next Tuesday.


Prepare yourselves for Holographic Goodness...

Bear Pawlish, See You Next Tuesday

This lovely polish comes to you from Bear Pawlish; one of my very favorite indie polish brands. This is called See You Next Tuesday. Are you familiar with the acronym? I am a bit (ok, a lot) of a sailor when it comes to curse words. I find them to act as seasoning to my vocabulary. Many misconceptions exist about women who enjoy a peppered paragraph; for example 'It's not ladylike' or 'it's uneducated'. In my book a lady is an independent woman who sticks to her convictions and doesn't get hung up on the little things. If a curse word prevents you from getting to know the real person under it then you may be a little narrow minded.

Ok, moving on... See You Next Tuesday is a purplish pink holo. It also has some duochrome to it when it shifts from fuchsia pink to coral and then to purple. It's a linear holo. I applied a base of Bridge The Ridge (my favorite right now) and 2 coats of color. The formula thickens up a little during use but all you have to do it give it a couple of shakes. It applies a little on the sheer side; I can see thru my nail when the sunlight hits it just right but it's plenty opaque for me. I really like these brushes; they are very soft and mold to the nail nicely. I was able to get a very nice line at the cuticle and had very little clean up to do. I finished it off with a coat of Gelous since my In A Hurry is now a little too thick to use; I will be picking up a new bottle soon.

Yeah, it's blurry... But you can see that holo and shimmer!
Now, since this is a holo the wear time wasn't the greatest but I have this experience with every. single. holo. No joke. I got about 2 days of great wear then Days 3 & 4 were chipping and by Day 5 it was totally demolished. Some nails only had 1/3 of the nail polish left. Yikes! It was worth it though; this holo is amazing! I'm not one for pinks but this one is stunning (plus I love the name). I will be putting this on my toes this summer.

Now, I hate to do this... But... See You Next Tuesday is no longer available . But there is some good news. It looks like there is one very similar called Sin City. Pop over and check it out. Now, since this is an indie brand, and is getting wildly popular, I highly recommend joining This Facebook Group to stay in the loop on re-stocks, news, and of course new colors and releases.

Now, I want to know what you think of See You Next Tuesday.



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