Saturday, August 29, 2015

Frenzy Polish, If You Don't Fight You Die.

Hey Gang! I have an awesome polish to show you along with even better news!

Last Sunday was the premiere episode of Fear The Walking Dead so I wore this awesome polish especially for the occasion. You can watch the premiere episode HERE for free and be sure to tune in tomorrow night for the next episode. I know lots of people are getting confused about Fear The Walking Dead so here's a little clarification: FTWD is a brand spanking new show (last Sunday was the very first show). You do not need to have watched The Walking Dead. This one starts off fresh when the zombie apocalypse begins in Los Angeles (TWD is in Georgia). It is basically going to show the same zombie apocalypse but from the view of a family in Los Angeles. So, check it out!

This polish was created with The Walking Dead in mind; and it is part of the TV Frenzy Collection. This collection features quite a few polishes crafted with popular TV shows in mind; you should pop over to see if your favorite show is represented. I also may have picked up a few others... If The Apocalypse Comes, Beep Me (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), 4 8 15 16 23 42 (LOST), and Penny! Penny! Penny! (The Big Bang Theory). There are coordinating Decals as well; I did buy them but I didn't use them on this mani; I most definitely will for the season premiere of The Walking Dead on Oct. 11th.

Frenzy Polish is a new-to-me indie brand that I just happened to stumble upon on Instagram. When I saw this TWD themed polish I was sold.

If You Don't Fight You Die is a grass green crelly (Creme/Jelly combo) with these amazing flecks that flash pink, purple, and blue. It also dries to a matte finish. Interesting, No??? I used 2 coats for opacity. You might notice some sheer spots near my cuticle; a 3rd coat would have eliminated that. It is on the sheer side but the good news is it is a very forgiving formula that self levels nicely. Because it dries to a matte finish (and I often have wear issues with matte polishes); I decided to top it with a coat of Gelous and then add a matte top coat (Salon Perfect's Matte FX) on top. This way I got the awesome effect along with durability... and let me just tell you guys... OMG this held up BEAUTIFULLY. This held tight for 7 days with only minor tip wear and some small chips at the corner edge. This just blew all those Extended Wear polishes out of the water. I'm telling you; Gelous is amazing but it actually held up even better paired with this polish.

This stunning polish set me back $8.00 from the Frenzy Polish Big Cartel Webstore; the Decals are $5.00. So far I am impressed.

Oh, and did you think that long love letter about FTWD and TWD was the good news?!? You would be WRONG... I got a JOB!!! Yes, I hit the jackpot and actually got a bite! Wednesday was my first day as an Operations Coordinator with a local Solar Contractor. So far so good; the first few weeks are always a little rough; I feel like a bump on a log that's in the way but I know from experience that everyday will get me closer and closer to actually being helpful.

Do you have good news you would like to share? Leave me a comment below! Did you already click over to the Frenzy Polish site and place your first order? Which one (or ones) did you get? Are you waiting for payday? Which ones are you thinking about?

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  1. It's not my favorite color but it's very unique! That's a cool idea for a collection



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