Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wear Test: China Glaze EverGlaze, I Wanna Be Your Lava.


We're back with another Wear Test! I told you I would be trying China Glazes' new EverGlaze Extended Wear nail color and that's exactly what I did. This wear test actually turned out quite a bit better than my last. I'm sure you can already see that from the above photo. So, let's get to it.

From the Sally Beauty Supply website:

EverGlaze is marketed very similarly to FingerPaints Endless Wear in that you do not need a base coat or a UV Light to cure it. Although, I can't tell you if it's vegan and the ingredients list is lacking commas so it's hard to decipher exactly where each specific ingredient begins and ends. I did notice quite a few similar ingredients between the two. I attempted to find a better ingredient list online with no such luck. The EverGlaze Website is lacking quite a bit of information which is a down side.

There is a Prep Step product you can buy but it's basically just alcohol or acetone to dry out your nail bed for better adhesion of the color. So, I skipped it. I wipe my nails down with acetone just before I begin polishing.

I applied 2 coats of I Wanna Be Your Lava. I am kind of torn on this color and it took me quite awhile to decide on it. This is a beautiful color, but something about it seems dated. Like, I've seen this many times over my life span. I think every nail lacquer line has had this obligatory shade from the beginning of time. We could always refer to it as tried and true. It's got some red, pink, and even orange tones with a bright fuchsia shimmer. I'm gonna go ahead and admit that I enjoyed the color, especially because it's the middle of summer and this is a very bright, bold, and sizzling shade. If this isn't your cup of tea there are many other shades in the line and they are releasing more and more. I did notice that Sally's was limited on their website and I'm not sure why that is. I suggest Googling swatches; there's no guarantee that you will find all of them swatched since the line is still relatively new. That made it hard for me to narrow my choices as well but time will bring us more and more swatches on the interwebs.

Formula was very nice; just as nice as the FingerPaints Endless Wear but this one was a little frosty and gave me some streaks but not too noticeable in real life. It dried quickly. My favorite part is the Active Top Coat; it's thicker and provides a better barrier on my nails. I feel like this did a really nice job of sealing in the color and gave my nails some added rigidity. I prefer this Active Top Coat to the Endless Wear one. It also dried quick.

3 Days later this looked much better than the FingerPaints Endless Wear did. My index fingernail on my Right hand looks rough but keep in mind this is my weakest and most flexible nail; I always have issues keeping polish on it. Not to mention this is the nail that breaks the most. I wasn't easy on my nails those 3 days either; I did some serious housework.

6 Days later is definitely rough but I had taken on a project between Day 3 and Day 6; I did another tie dye project and I also washed and sealed an outdoor table. This is why the natural nail looks a little rough on my right hand; I had weather-seal trapped under my nails and it took a lot of scrubbing to wash it off my hands. I forgot to wear gloves like a dummy.

I read quite a few reviews that were not favorable of this system; I saw significantly more positive reviews on the FingerPaints Endless Wear. If you compare my results, this EverGlaze system comes out on top. This goes to show that it really just depends on your personal chemistry with a product.

The EverGlaze lacquers normally run $8.99 at Sally Beauty Supply but right now they are on sale for $6.49. Right now this stands as my preferred Extended Wear lacquer but I still want to try Orly's EPIX as well.

I bought this. See my Disclosure Policy HERE.

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