Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Zoya, Myrta.

Applying for jobs is a full-time job ya'll.... I've been hitting it extra hard lately. I've had some success
(which has been a long time coming) so I'm really hoping good things come of it.

Meanwhile, I did manage to paint both my finger nails and toe nails this gorgeous summery shade.

Zoya, Myrta is described on Zoya's website as:

'a warm medium orange coral with red undertone, gold and silver metallic shimmer, and a foil-like finish. The coral color of Myrta is soft, but the foil finish gives it added warmth and glow.'

I think that description is dead-on accurate. I love these types of corals for summer. It's no secret that one of my all time favorite nail polishes is Essie's Escapades which is also in that same color family. It's a shame that Essie is no longer cruelty free.

The formula on this polish is ideal; it's buttery smooth and applies with ease. 2 coats and done. Very little clean up needed. Zoya polishes are typically top of the line, once in a great moon I will get a dud, but for the most part the brand has great quality polishes. Myra was part of the Zoya Beach & Surf Summer 2012 Collection.


She looks great on my toes too and is holding up very well; better than most. 

Ok, gang. Time to get back to the grind. I sure hope you guys are enjoying summer. Drop me a comment and let me know how your summer is going, what your favorite summer nail color is, or any other interesting things you wanna share with me...


  1. You're looking for another job?! Sick of seasonal, or something else? I accounting firms a year ago and then about two months ago decided to bite the bullet and form my own entity to provide QuickBooks training, since we don't offer that service at my day job. I work pretty much all the time now, hence the missing blog posts, LOL.

    Oh, and's the only orange-ish polish I own that I adore. <3

    1. That's supposed to read I *changed* accounting firms...:P

    2. Yes, I am over the Seasonal thing. I cannot qualify for a home loan with seasonal income and Block is making it harder & harder for me to do my job & earn enough money to live all year. So, I really need a full-time job all year long. I need health benefits and I need to start saving for retirement (Block doesn't offer me either of those).

      You know I really need to learn QuickBooks myself; a lot of jobs ask about experience with it. Do you have online courses?

  2. I am not doing online training as of right now...I do get a lot of local people who need help. I usually do training in person.

    Here's what I would recommend: Look into the QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification. You won't be sorry! Once you're certified, a lot of doors will open for you. I have worked with QB for almost 20 years, but you can learn the program through the very helpful ProAdvisor certification videos and the supplemental guides. And if you sign up for the full ProAdvisor plan ($549.99 a year), you get all the Intuit QB software for free. This is thousands of dollars worth of software. You can use the programs for practice, which is the best way to learn in my opinion. You also get free access to QB Online for Accountants, which is super beneficial since everybody is moving to the cloud more and more.

    Here is the link to all the info:

    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the program or certification. :)

    1. Awesome! I've been asking my Workforce Development agency about QB training for months now! I will definitely sign up for that. Thank you so much!


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