Monday, September 21, 2015

Dance Legend, Robots vs Humans.


Who's ready for some holographic goodness? This bronzey brown holo is packing a serious linear holo and it even jumps out at you in shade. Indoors it comes off as a sparkly neutral brown.

Dance Legend, Robots vs Humans.

The formula on Robots vs Humans was nice and pretty easy to apply; 2 coats gave me a nice opacity and dry time was average. I did use a base coat of Nfu-Oh Aqua Base; keep in mind I do not believe Nfu-Oh is cruelty free. I bought this years ago when I was under the impression it was CF but with the recent info on animal testing I seriously doubt they would be considered CF. I couldn't find any solid info on their product(s) and animal testing. Now, Aqua Bases are some of the best types of bases to use with holos; they apply easier & wear longer... But I experienced an issue with wear. After only 2 hours (and zero wear & tear) I experienced chipping on my left hand.

Really? Chipping after a few hours?

That is a disappointment. It's a beautiful polish and typically holos DO chip quickly on my nails but this was extreme. I had also top coated with my usual In A Hurry.

I recently picked up L.A. Girls' Marine Base Coat and I've had good results with it so my Nfu-Oh will be moving out. My next post will give you a good review of it.

So, I gotta say that I don't think I will be picking up anymore Dance Legend holos; I do have a neon glitter that holds up pretty good though.

For the life of me I cannot remember where I got these... I think I won a gift card in a giveaway and used it towards buying this polish but I am not sure which online retailer I used. It was like a year ago... Or maybe more.

Have a great week gang!


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