Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Frenzy Polish, If The Apocalypse Comes Beep Me.

Sometimes I don't make any sense and this is one of those times; I'm getting ready to watch the Season Premiere of The Walking Dead but I put a Buffy The Vampire Slayer polish on. I'm not sure why I did that but this combo was just calling out to me and I like to listen to my polish. Well, it's got the Apocalypse in common...

If The Apocalypse Comes Beep Me is a magenta purple jelly packed with various fine pink and purple glitters, there are even some flakies throughout. This was a rough one to apply; for some reason this polish separates really quickly; the middle gets really thick and goopy with the glitters so I found I had to add some thinner and still had to shake it/roll it quite often to keep it workable. I used 3 coats to even everything out; it tended to apply patchy. The brush also didn't want to cooperate too well. But after you get it to this point you can see how incredibly complex this is. It's so deep and beautiful.

In This photo you can see the patchiness of ITACBM.

I also purchased the Water Slide Decals to go with this polish and painted my middle nails with EverGlaze, Optimal Opal, a soft ethereal pink shimmer. In the photos it looks like the tip of my nail wasn't wrapped but it was and it didn't look like this in real life. I used 2 coats and stuck the Big 'B' for Buffy on my nails. Sadly, I don't like the way these decals turned out; they bubbled really bad and I followed the directions to a tee. Oh well, you win some, lose some.

It's like a magenta galaxy...

All nails got a coat of In A Hurry Top Coat.

These held up pretty well through the week and I had once again used the L.A. Girls Marine Base Coat.

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