Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dollish Polish, Look At The Flowers Lizzie (...and a life update/reflection).

Sooooo... This post seems to be a tad late; Hah! Thus is LIFE!

First, the polish details: Look At The Flowers Lizzie is a murky green jelly packed with pink, white, pale yellow, green, pale pink, black, and white various glitters. It's a unique and adorable mix. Since it is packed with glitters you will want to keep it upside down so you can get plenty of glitter on your brush. I would also recommend applying with the dot or blob method; let a bead of polish drop onto your nail bed, wipe the brush off on the neck of the bottle, and then smooth the bead of polish over your nail. This will give you a nice, even application with a nice distribution of glitter. This polish looks like it will be sheer but 2 coats done as mentioned above gave me really good coverage. I don't see any visible nail line.

On my middle nail I decided to try one of the 'Walking Dead' decals from Green Goddess Creations. I applied 2 coats of Julep, Nadia. This is a very pretty pale golden yellow shimmer. Once it was totally dry I applied a 'Walker' to my middle nail. Once again I am not impressed with these decals. For some reason they like to curl and bubble up on me. I applied a coat of In A Hurry and it reacted pretty badly with the polish and/or decal because the decal kept trying to peel up and I had horrible shrinkage.

I also used a coat of In A Hurry on top of all my other nails with no issue. Glitter polishes can be a bother to apply since you have to take some extra steps but I really like the way LATFL looks. It's fun and quirky, a lot like Lizzie.

So many things (ups & downs) have taken place in the last 2 weeks; I have much to share in addition to this awesome Walking Dead mani.

- UP: I was offered a position with the county I live in. One with good pay, health benefits, and retirement. I am still in disbelief.

- DOWN: I resigned from my job with the Solar Company; I'm not so bummed to have left the company because I wasn't exactly thrilled with the job. BUT (thats a big but) I did have to say goodbye to a co-worker whom I had bonded with almost immediately. One of those awesome co-workers who makes you laugh and keeps you from going postal. Seriously, it sucked so bad saying goodbye to him. I hope we keep in touch.

- UP: While I wait for my Background Check and Physical to clear with the county I will have some down time; a mini vacation of sorts. I just hope it isn't too long; I need money coming in.

- DOWN: Halloween came and went way too quick. While I did partake in quite a bit of Halloween fun this year I always wish I had MORE!

- UP: My polish pal over at Addicted to OPI-yum has overcome Cancer and is doing Oh-So-Well. It's amazing!

- DOWN: Another polish pal is not doing so well with her Cancer and has gone into hospice care. Cancer Sucks!

A photo posted by Kelly Tomlinson (@blkvelveteen20) on

- UP: The hubby and I went to Oak Glen over the weekend and we got to enjoy all the fall colors and tasty treats.

Ok, so those of you who watch The Walking Dead; what did you think of this episode (The Grove)? My hubby and I have it ranked as one of our top episodes.

Those of you who are not fans of the show; What's new with you? Did you enjoy your Halloween?

Hope you are all doing well!

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