Thursday, December 3, 2015

NERD Lacquer, The 12th Pint. (Happy Belated Thanksgiving!)

Hey Gang! So I know I'm a week behind... But I've been working on paperwork for my new job, cooked for Thanksgiving, and then yesterday there was terrible news of the Mass Shooting in San Bernardino. Basically, it's just dumb luck that I even post at all.

I had this genius idea to do NERD-mas for all of December. Basically, I love Nerd Lacquer but for the longest time it was touch & go in order to get your hands on it. So, I have accumulated a huge Nerd Army and now that Nerd Lacquer seems to be back somewhat consistently I thought I would try and blow a few out. This means I will only be wearing Nerd Lacquer all of December. Oh, and it will be ones you can still buy!

There is a little bit of a snag; I start my new job on the 14th and this may create a bit of an absence of posts. It all depends how stressful the job is and I won't know that until I am actually in the thick of it so bear with me. I want to post here I really do but life really gets in the way!!!

For Thanksgiving I wore The 12th Pint; this bright yellow gold polish has various sizes gold glitters thoughout along with a sprinkling of iridescent and tiny blue glitters. You almost don't even detect the blue glitters. This is actually quite opaque in 2 easy coats. As per usual, application was quite nice. I just like to set my Nerd's upside down for 5 - 10 minutes before polishing and there you have it.

I applied one coat of Gelous and one coat of In A Hurry. My base coat is the L.A. Girl Marine Base Coat.

I have absolutely no idea what the name of this polish in in reference to; if you know let me know in the comments.

Update 12/4/15: I figured out the reference to the name of this polish; It's The World's End. From Wikipedia:

Gary King (Simon Pegg), a middle-aged alcoholic, tracks down his estranged schoolfriends and persuades them to complete "the Golden Mile", a pub crawl encompassing the 12 pubs of their hometown of Newton Haven. The group attempted the crawl as teenagers, but failed to reach the final pub, The World's End.

 I hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving; I sure did!

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