Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Misa, Frozen in Time (7 Days of Purple for Cancer Awareness and Prevention)

Misa, Frozen in Time. 2 coats.

 Coming to you from my new Apple iMac! I posted on Facebook that it was the best day of my life and then quickly corrected myself and wrote 'the second best day of my life.' LOL

Here we have a very pretty soft purple cream with a hidden pink shimmer. The good news is it definitely translates onto the nail and doesn't just appear in the bottle. The formula was a little sheer and a little goopy. I wonder if goopy is the right word... It's not thick but for some reason I kept having to dip back into the bottle to finish each nail. Kind of like it didn't want to evenly coat the nail. It did have a crelly like consistency to it and I'm pretty sure that's why we get such a lovely shimmer on the nail. Even after 2 coats I have some areas that are kind of sheer. Dry time was average.

While the formula was a little lacking I still love the color and decided this was the color I wanted to wear this week so this one was done with base coat, a coat of Gelous, and Seche Vite. I got a few bubbles in there too but I think its due to the rise in temperature here in SoCal.

I thought that this might be very similar to Sinful Colors, Lavander which I just got from my friend lovenailpolish over at Addicted to OPI-yum. As you can see they are not quite the same; Lavander leans a little more blue and lacks the lovely pink simmer in Frozen in Time.

You can purchase Misa online at

 For Day 3 of my 7 Days of Purple I happened upon this article about honey on Facebook; turns out there are quite a few products labeled as 'Honey' but they are actually imitation products. What's worse is they contain chemicals, bad bacteria, and who knows what else. Here's the link to the article:

I was actually at a Farmer's Market a few weeks back and found out there are tons of different varieties of honey. I bought the Cactus Honey because I liked the creamy and grainy texture better than typical honey. It's raw and unfiltered meaning it still retains its beneficial properties. Take a look at this article to see just how beneficial honey is:

The brand I purchased is Topanga Quality Honey, Piru Canyon Honey; here's a link to their website:

It's really good; I got to try all their different varieties and I liked the Cactus because of its texture but it also has a very strong honey taste. I recently found a recipe to make simple syrup using honey; I love making cocktails at home and I want to try it; of course alcohol isn't necessarily a healthy lifestyle component. LOL

 Today is our Yappy Hour for our Bark For Life event. I'm looking forward to it; I will be taking my two little girls (my dogs) and hopefully we will have a good turn out. I am collecting money for the American Cancer Society; my fundraising goal is $100.00. If you could help out that would be great. You can donate online using this secure website:

I'll see you tomorrow for Day 3!

Quick Links to Day 1 and Day 2!

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