Friday, November 8, 2013

Icing, Red-Y or Not, Here I Am & CND Effects, Crimson Sparkle.

Layered over Essence Vampire's Love, Gold Old Buffy.

I decided to make my Essence Vampire's Love, Gold Old Buffy more vampire-ey. Meaning I had to add some red. Not just some but a lot. I used two different red lacquers to achieve my interpretation of 'vampire-ey'.

Icing, Red-Y or Not, Here I Am layered over Gold Old Buffy; before I added Crimson Sparkle.

First I started with Icing's Red-Y or Not, Here I Am. This is a basic metallic red glitter in a clear base. Nothing unusual but a staple in any collection. This one is very dense and I'm thinking it would be opaque on it's own in 2 - 3 coats. I applied it at the cuticle heavily, letting the brush fan out, and then lightly pulled it towards the free edge of my nail to give it a graduated look. The formula was really easy to work with for this purpose because it's a little on the thick side. That prevented it from looking messy. It also dried super quick, as most glitters do. Icing has these new bottle's that are square like butter London's bottles. They have a square/rectangular cap (matte, not glossy like bL's) that pulls off and reveals a smaller, easier to hold cap. It's not as nice as bL's but I still like the look. Do keep in mind these bottles are smaller at .37 fl. oz. which will turn some people off. But I don't mind since the likelihood of me finishing a bottle of polish is nonexistent.

Then, after the red glitter gradient was completely dry I covered the nail in a light layer of CND Effects in Crimson Sparkle. I've been dying to get this (and other CND Effects) for quite some time. I finally indulged when I went on a mini CND haul on eBay. See my haul HERE. There's something about red shimmer that makes me go Ga-Ga. I can't wait to layer this over a deep shimmery blue. The formula was very buttery and smooth. Love the quality in CND products. I also love the shape of this bottle with the round bottle in front and flat in back; makes it easier to line up on a rack. Dry time was a little longer than the glitter but not bad. I left my tips unwrapped with Crimson Sparkle so I would have dark edges. I finished the mani off with a coat of In A Hurry. I love how this came out; definitely much more vampire-ey…

I even got some 'Wow, let me see your nails!' comments at work.

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Sneak Peek I posted on my Facebook Page. Indoor Fluorescent Lighting.

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