Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 

Are you wearing your green today?!? I sure hope so or you just might get pinched!!

The month of March has been very inspired for me and I've done more nail art this month than usual. I did some Mardi Gras Nails that I adored and was very proud of. 

I also did a few different green manis earlier this month that I still need to post, but first I want to show you the nails I am wearing today.



I started with 2 coats of Jessica, Lime Cooler. This fantastic pastel lime green creme is from the Summer 2012 Gelato Mio! Collection. I picked this up from Ninja Polish quite a while ago because it made me think of Essie's Navigate Her. It's no dupe but I like it even better. I used 2 coats. The first coat was pretty streaky and would drag if you over worked it so I gave the 1st coat plenty of time to dry before adding the 2nd. It then became nicely opaque. Formula was a bit thick. I also got a wonky brush with this polish; the brush is nice and fans out over the nail nicely but a wonky brush always sucks. I had a little more cleanup than usual because of the brush. It also took quite a while to dry.

I topped Lime Cooler with 1 coat of Zoya, Maria Luisa. This was released for Fall 2013 along with Zoya's Cashmeres & Satins Collections. It's a gold cellophane topper suspended in a clear base. It's the perfect amount of gold without overdoing it. I applied a very thin coat. Since I knew I would be putting decals on top I wanted to keep it soft and I wanted a lot of green to show through; I didn't want the gold to dominate the look. The formula was pretty thick but I was still able to get a nice thin coat and as you can see you get plenty of glitter payoff. It dried pretty quickly. I really love this and I think everyone should own it; it easily replaces my old Essie As Gold As It Gets.

After it was nice and dry I broke out some custom alphabet water nail decals I had made from Jane's Tiny Things. I decided to spell out 'Lucky in Love' on my nails. Well, because I am. ;) This was my very first time working with nail decals and let me tell you I struggled. But I'm not exactly 100% comfortable with nail art just yet and I was kinda holding my breath while doing this. Not the best technique. I'm always telling people who say they suck at painting their own nails to remember to breath and relax. I should take my own advice. Even with my inability you can see they turned out great! Yay!

I finished my mani off with a coat of In A Hurry by ACI

I think these turned out super cute! I even considered doing this using Shellac and Additives but I decided not to because I don't want to wear a themed mani for two weeks. I do love the combo of Lime Cooler with Maria Luisa and perhaps doing it with Shellac wouldn't have turned out as great; especially the decals since Shellac is very sticky. I probably would have had even more problems with the decals then!

Have you done a St. Paddy's Day mani? Leave me a link to it so I can check it out!

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